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  • ورزش های رزمی مربیان
  • 13584 بازدید
  • تاریخ ثبت پروفایل : ۱۳۹۴/۰۵/۱۷
  • آخرین بروز رسانی : ۱۳۹۴/۰۶/۱۶

Martin Andersson started his martial arts career 1983 with traditional martial arts but slided over to boxing in 1984 and soon after kickboxing and muaythai. Martin is noted as an pioneer in north-swedish kickboxing and muaythai history as he founded the first kickboxing and muaythai club in north of Sweden; Fullcontact Center in 1987. The club was approved membership in the Swedish kickboxing federation 1988 and has that year as it´s offical start. In 1991 Martin expanded and founded a second club; this time in Hälsingland, about 100 km from Martins home.

The two clubs later on fusioned as the time where not enough for running two clubs; today Martin still runs the club in Hälsingland, the oldest club in north-sweden. On the 9:th of november 2004 the club where elected as members of Ironman Sweden and changed its name to Ironman Nordanstig.

Martin did compete regularly from the middle of the eightys to the middle of the nightys and did about 40 fights in kickboxing, to this he also compete in muaythai and boxing. The best qualifications are two silver medals from the Swedish Kickboxing Championships (lightheavyweight division in 1992 and -93). During later years Martin has “tested” to fight under sanshou rules as well just for fun, and held the second place in the Swedish ranking championships 2005 (-85 kg). Today Martin coach a very successful team with such great fighters as Patrik Enros (undefeted in both kickboxing and muaythai –74 kg), Fredrik Nilsson (earlier ranked no. 1 in Sweden –94 kg), Glenn “Thunder” Wadell (ranked no.2 in Sweden –89 kg) and of course Josefine “Honkey tonk woman” Olsson (WTKA World Champion 2006 –65 kg, ISKA European Champion 2007 –63 kg and ranked no.1 in the world by the International Kickboxing Federation –64,5 kg) to name a few. Martin has also promoted serveral kickboxing and muaythai events including the huge september-cup for the Swedish national kickboxing federation that had about 70 fighters on the enterylist.

During the years Martin has been lucky to have meet and train with serveral legends in kickboxing and muaythai such as Gilbert Ballentine, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Master Khanchai and several others. Martin was also the first person in north-sweden to obtain 1:st dan black belt in kickboxing; he holds today 5:th dan. He also holds a brown level in muaythai and are approved to grade students in the art of muaythai by the International muaythai federation amateur trough the Swedish muaythai federation.